The mandate of the NPMC is to:

  • Align all nuclear power related work processes and procedures. Basically it works to fit all the different pieces together;
  • Deliver on all programme requirements for quality control and quality assurance;
  • Coordinate all NPP documentation issues

The objectives of NPMC are:

  • To ensure that the Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development program is well structured to meet set out targets and time frames to satisfy international standards and best practice;
  • Establish, implement, and assess management system for the Ghana Nuclear Power Programme Organization (GNPPO);
  • To define the processes and responsibilities to ensure that internal and externally supplied documents are controlled by;
  • Providing a procedure for receiving and storing documents;
  • Providing identification and classification of each document;
  • Ensuring documents go through the right process before final acceptance;
  • Management of the records of communication;